May the Fourth be With You - breakfast meeting notes
Breakfast meeting notes May 4, 2022
May the fourth be with you! (National Star Wars Day)
Raffle:  50/50 won by Mike and he donated back to the Club
Card game raffle:  $231 in the pot and Tony drew from the deck, but didn’t find the 6 of spades.  We rollover another week.
SERVICE PROJECT ALERT: Save the date:  Saturday, May 21st from 10AM to 2PM for Circle Program Camp clean up.  Volunteers wanted and bring friends if you like.  Lunch will be served.  Wear work clothes, gloves, boots and bring yard tools, such as rakes, clippers, wheel barrel, if you have one, bug spray, etc.  We will help clean up the area from downed limbs, leaves, and other debris.  Thank you for your service!
Our speaker today, is member Lora Miller, with help from her husband Ken Williamson and she spoke about their hobby, Tandem Biking.
Tandem biking is a lifetime sport, it is a great way for people of different abilities to enjoy the sport, it offers a way for people with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors, and it’s the most fun on a bike.
The Captain is the rider in the front and they are in charge of steering, pedaling and are usually the stronger of the pair.  The Stoker is the rider in the back, who also pedals and manages navigation.
Stoker’s need to anticipate the Captains orders, but Lora reminded us, they can’t read minds.  Its important both parties communicate to each other.
Features of a Tandem bike:
  1. Saddle – should be firm
  2. Brakes – disc brakes are more superior and need stronger braking power
  3. Timing chain
  4. Couplers – allows the bike to be taken apart for transport
Things to bring:
  1. Intercom – helpful, but not required
  2. Navigational support, digital and maps
  3. Water – lots of it
  4. Tools and tool kit
  5. Panniers – trailers to haul gear
  6. Fenders
  7. Appropriate clothing
Lora and Ken traveled on bike tours on their own, as well as organized tours with a group.  They have traveled in Canada, New York, Vermont, and Utah
They went on an organized tour in Utah with about 70 other riders.  The overall elevation change was 2,400 ft to 10,000 ft above sea level.  The climate was 100% bone dry and took them about 2 days to acclimate to the area.  There were many bike paths along the roads, but in some areas tours ride on public highways.  There was a very windy spot in Hurricane UT (aptly named) on their way to Zion.  Part of their tour took them a tunnel.  Due to the distance, bikes were not allowed to ride through the tunnel, so van travel was arranged and shuttled the riders and bikes through the tunnel to the other side, on their way to Bryce Canyon.
The last 50 miles were 30 miles up hill to Cedar City to a 10,000 ft elevation, then down 13 miles at a 13 degree decline and had to stop to cool the brakes as they went.  After Cedar City, they headed back to their starting point of St George.
Tandem biking can be enjoyed on your own or with a group tour.  Tours are scheduled, and usually must rise early and ride at the group’s pace. 
Lora and Ken are such biking enthusiasts they go married on one!
A special presentation was held to award our member and District Governor, Mike Carrier a Paul Harris Fellow pin with Rubys, celebrating his years and continued support of the Rotary Foundation.  
Bill was asking if any members wish to help with the Plymouth Regional High School Interact kids, they will need to get a background check.  See Bill for details.
Denise had a Happy Dollard for her son’s recent Army promotion.  Very proud Mama!
Steve is working with new member, Renee Brousseau, on a project in the member section of our website, known as Club Runner.  They will be asking members to send in an updated picture of themselves, and a bio, so Renee can help update member profiles on our website.  It’s a great way for everyone to get a deeper understanding of every member.  Great idea!
We had just enough time for Tony’s NH Trivia.