5.25.22 Breakfast meeting notes
5.25.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
We began our meeting with a moment in silence for the victims of the TX shooting.  Scott King spoke with historical importance, that in September 15, 1791 Virginia joined the United States and adopted the Bill of Rights.  At the time, single shot rifles were the arms of the day.  Scott called on our country to stop selling multiple high capacity magazines and do more background checks.
Raffles:  50/50 – Ken W won and donated back to the club
Card game has $258 in the pot, Sharon drew from the deck and did not fine the 6 of spades.
Saturday, May 21s was Circle Camp Cleanup and thanks to Mike, Ken E, Lora, Ken W, Sharon, Denise, and Renee for helping Beth Devers and her crew at Circle Camp.  The morning was cloudy and it was a blessing.  It did not heat up until the afternoon.  It was a great time.  Sharon was honored to work with Karen and Eric Werner a the Alison Werner Barton Activity Area and rope course made in memory of their daughter.  Volunteers were served lunch and it was a wonderful time.
We held elections on this day for the upcoming officers and board of directors.  Nancy Dyer offered to join the board, thanks Nancy.  We are still in need of President Elect for 23-34 and Vice President 24-25.  Speak to Braden if interested.  Results to follow.
We will be sending at least 2 students to RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Academy.  Some clubs may need help with funds as they have more students than they budgeted for. 
Steve introduced to the Club a new grant program for Plymouth High School students.  $500 will be awarded to one student from each of the 6 technical programs the high school offers.  The programs are drafting, culinary, marketing, health and science, multi-media and automotive.  He asked for volunteers to meet one on one with the prospective student to make their recommendations to the committee.  The students are picked by the teachers in each curriculum.
We also saw a powerpoint from Rotary Club Warsaw-Jozefow
Alex advised that Poland is well organized and it was a very special time when he visted Poland for 5 days.  He was accompanied by Lisa Mure and Susan Matthison.  Besides meeting the with District Governor of Poland, they also sent to meet with the District Governor in Ukraine along with various clubs.
1.5 million refugees have gone to Poland.  Rotary is one of the many organizations working on the crisis and the work being done is indescribable.  Poland has a history of this “battleground of Europe.”  The needs are huge.
Alex and the Common Man has pledged matching donations up to $1,000,000 for Ukraine Relief and is working through the United Way.
Rotary - Upcoming events:
Save the date – July 9th from Noon to 2pm te Grafton Country Senior Council will be celebrating their 50th anniversary at the Plymouth Senior Center, in Plymouth NH.  Everyone is invited to attend.
Denise acknowledged that the Club will be putting on the Penny Sale this year, and it appears the High School Interact Club may run the Plymouth Got Talent themselves.  We will maintain the cost to keep the URL for the website in case we need it again. 
Rotary cleans the Kanc on June 4th.  Please sign up yourself and guests at www.rotarycleans.org and to get locations and time.
Speaking of Changing of the Guard, Save the Date:  Wednesday evening, June 22 and begins at 6pm.  The Changing of the Guard will be held at The Barn on the Pemi.  The Changing of the Guard is a special evening for Rotarians and their guests to enjoy a nice dinner, entertainment and pay tribute to our outgoing President, Denise Castonguay and congratulate our incoming President, Braden Smith, as well a change of Officers and Board Directors.  It’s a wonderful evening.  The cost is $45 per person and look for an invite in your inbox to RSVP and find out how to pay.  See Sharon or Braden for more information.