4.20.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
We had an exciting meeting, we inducted 4 new members to our Club.  Welcome Renee Brusseau, Beth Dever, Alicia LaDouceur and Danielle Paquette-Horne!  Congratulations and welcome to Rotary.
Raffle:  50/50  Braden and he donated back to Tom’s tip
Card Game:  Peggy pulled the King of clubs, rollover another week.  Next it the jackpot will be $205
Today Nancy Dyer hosted her guest speakers, Gale Shaw of Plymouth Senior Center and Kathleen, the Executive Director of Grafton County Senior Council.
Kathleen spoke first on the County side.  The Agency serves all of Grafton County with 8 centers in all.
They are in the 3rd year of Covid changes and some of the centers have started more in person programs, such as bone builders, yoga and crafts.  They have also started up their transportation buses again.
In 2021 the county served 186,000 meals, including home delivery, grab and go, grab and stay, etc.
3,100 bus rides which is down from 30,000 pre Covid times.
37,000 phone calls were made to check on their seniors who many have been in isolation.  They can only do meal deliveries 2 times per week due to a loss of volunteers, so the phone calls have been a replacement to check in.
The staff have been very creative and use online programs, going on virtual trips, book clubs, ukele lessons, etc.  Those who do not use the internet they tried bingo by phone.  She feels so grateful for her staff to come up with great ideas.
The centers are also involved in helping seniors with open enrollment, prescription reviews etc. to help members save money.
They are looking and hoping for more volunteers to help so they can serve or deliver more meals more frequently.
This year is the 50th Anniversary and and event is being planned for July 13th at the Plymouth Senior Center.
Gale Shaw, the director in Plymouth explained they are able to do Grab and Stay lunches, if people are comfortable going out.  Their opening they hoped for 40 people and had 25.  When asking the seniors if they want remote or in person meals and events it was a 50/50 split.
Plymouth is looking for more volunteers and drivers to help.  Only delivering 2 times per week.  They offer a mileage reimbursement program to their drivers.  The meals are delivered during the week between 10:30 to about 12:30 and there are about 10-18 stops each time.
They are bringing their foot clinic back, yoga, Tai Chi, bone builders and arts.
They are partnering with PSU and working on composting and recycling programs.  She hopes to work with Parei on solar panels that can be used to charge seniors cell phones on the porch.
The facility is a beautiful old railroad station, that was fully restored, and they are in the process of freshening it up.  Twice per year a railroad club rents the facility for their own event.
The 50th Anniversary is being planned and more details to come.
Rotary - Upcoming events:
Denise acknowledged that the Club will be putting on the Penny Sale this year, and it appears the High School Interact Club may run the Plymouth Got Talent themselves. 
We are looking for nominations for Plymouth Rotary Citizen of the Year.  Let Denise of Braden know if you have someone to nominate, including a short bio.  This person/people go above and beyond for their community volunteer work.  Their will be a presentation at our annual Changing of the Guard in June.
Speaking of Changing of the Guard, Save the Date:  Wednesday evening, June 22 and begins at 6pm.  The Changing of the Guard will be held at The Barn on the Pemi.  The Changing of the Guard is a special evening for Rotarians and their guests to enjoy a nice dinner, entertainment and pay tribute to our outgoing President, Denise Castonguay and congratulate our incoming President, Braden Smith, as well a change of Officers and Board Directors.  It’s a wonderful evening.
April 21st is a noon meeting on Zoom with the Milton-Colchester club hosting a speaker who will talk about the invasion of Ukraine.  Here is a link to their website for more information  https://www.cmrotary.org/Stories/stanley-sloan-on-russia%E2%80%99s-2022-invasion-of-ukraine-implications-for-nato
April 23 is District Virtual Spring Training on zoom beginning at 9AM at this link:  https://www.crsadmin.com/EventPortal/Registrations/PublicFill/EventPublicFill.aspx?evtid=ea37b5d6-a47a-4836-a5ba-f33c045196ad   Please register if you wish to attend.  Its available for free for anyone, but mostly if you will be an officer.
Lincoln-Woodstock is holding a special Cinco de Mayo auction at 5:30 at the White Mountain Grand Resort in Whitefield.  Tickets are available at www.lincolnrotaryauction.com