3.9.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
3.9.2022 Breakfast meeting
Raffle:  50/50 –Mike won and donated back to the Club
Card Game Raffle - $135 is in the pot, and we are looking for the 6 of spades but the 9 of spades was drawn by Peggy.  We roll over another week.
Guest for this week was : Moe’s guest Renee Brusseau of Serendipity Design of Holderness and Alicia LaDouceur of Pemi Excavating, and Greg from off the street joined us.
We had another round of Tony’s NH Trivia
Today’s Host:  Ken Evans
Speaker:  Iann MacLeod of Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and he went over the new Solar Project.  SLNSC announced a 50 by 30 Pledge.  This means 50% of their energy will be from renewal energy sources by 2030.  Their staff and board are making this pledge and looking at all of their systems.
2017 they started with wood heat and moved away from propane and oil sources.  Built a state-of-the-art wood heat plant and seasoned hardwood is locally sourced.
Their biggest challenge is electric use.  They are planning a major solar array and have had successful fundraisers and received $105,459 in individual donations and $198,000 in grants.
Started Phase I in December 2021 and added solar panels on the roof the Blue Heron School.  They have 68 panels now and works very well with a southern exposure. They hope to get 27,000 kilowatts hours for the year.  Their goal is to have 300 solar panels.  There is a website and app that they can use to monitor the panels for efficiency, but also maintenance needs.
They will be expanding their solar arrays around their parking lots.  They decided this area is already disturbed, plus has open area.    Once completed they will generate about 90% of energy use.  Need an additional $70,000 to get to this goal.
They are also releasing a revised version of a book in June called “Birds of Squam Lakes Region.”  It will have beautiful full color pictures of all the birds of Squam Lakes Region as well as hiking trail information.  The book will be available to purchase in their bookstore in June.
Squam Lakes Natural Science Center will open to the public on May 1st!  See you there!
Last week, Alex led a crew at Speare Hospital who serviced Lunch to the staff at Speare.  Thanks to Rotarians, Alex, Denise, Tony, Lora and Ken W.  They served over 180 meals.  The staff really appreciated it.
Denise announced that Round 2 of the speech contest will be held in Lincoln.  The winners from Lincoln-Woodstock, Plymouth and Bristol clubs will compete on March 23rd at 7AM at the Woodstock Inn.  Anyone interested in attending, please head up to N Woodstock and support Plymouth’s speech contest winner, Kelsey Maine!
March 23rd, our Club will be having a Club Forum in Plymouth for those attending our meeting.
Upcoming events:
Undecorate the Common on Main St, Plymouth.  Date was changed tot for 9AM on Saturday 3/11/22.  We had a great crew, thank you!
Another event is the Rotary Rabies Clinic on March 26th at 1PM to 2PM.  Arrive 30 minutes early with chairs, table, (if you have them) and masks if you want to volunteer.  This is one our programs that everyone enjoys, it helps the community by offering $10 rabies shots for cats and dogs as well as raise funds for our Foundation.  Come join the fun!  POSTERS ARE IN STEVE’S OFFICE.  MEMBERS CAN PICK SOME UP AND SPREAD THEM AROUND THEIR TOWNS.  THANKS!
The Plymouth Rotary Club will be helping again with the Circle Camp clean-up on the weekend of May 21st and 22nd.  Details on sign-up and information to come.
Last: We still have openings for the Board, and President Elect and Vice President for the upcoming fiscal year that starts July 1st.  See Denise and Braden if you are interested.  Once we have more positions filled we will have an election.