3.2.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
3.2.2022 Breakfast meeting
Raffle:  50/50 –Braden won and donated back to the Club
Card Game Raffle - $122 is in the pot, and we are looking for the 6 of spades but the 7 of spades was drawn by Denise  We roll over another week.
Guest for this week was : Danielle Paquette-Horne of Pemi Baker Hospice, and Moe’s guest Renee Brusseau of Serendipity Design of Holderness.
Today’s Host:  Gale Adams-Davis
Speaker: Danielle Paquette-Horne, executive director of Pemi Baker Hospice Home Health
The agency started in 1966 by and Rn Losi Reed.  She presented home healthcare in Grafton County and behand with one nurse, Dorothy Wesberg, one physical therapist, Henrietta White, and receptionist, Iona Hibbard.
Today there are 45 staff members consisting of RNs, LNAs, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapist, Nursing Assistants and other support staff.  They serve 28 towns in Grafton, Belknap and Carroll counties.
3 Main Programs:
  1.  Home Care – patient is home bound and leaves very infrequently and needs assistance.  Usually someone that is homebound had an injury or illness and need rehabilitation.  The focus is to get back to their “baseline.” (recovered)
  2. Palliative Care – patients need relief from a life limited illness.  Symptoms interfere with their daily living.  They have a specialists Palliative Care Nurse.  They work with the patient’s doctors to identify issues and assist in easing them.  Palliative Care also knows medical, spiritual and emotional issues. Palliative patients are still getting treatments, such as chemo, surgery, but need extra support.  Palliative Care also help with Advanced Directives – living wills.  Has staff that help with medicine, spiritual and emotional services
  3. Hopice program – patients have life limited illness.  At this point curative treatments have ended.  Can be in care 6 months to a year.  They have a team of professionals that support the patient, but also the family.  They help provide tools for the end of life.  Patients can self-select Hospice Care.  The agency will meet with the patient at their home hospital and help determine which service is best.  Doctors and nurses not always comfortable discussing this with patients and will refer the agency.
The staff are board certified doctors and RN’s and are trained in Hospice Care, including Chaplain, RNs, LNA, and others.  Everyone on staff has training.
PBHH determined what the patients needs, including medical devices to medicine and where they want treatments.  On occasion, the patient will come off Hospice and move to Home Care program.
PBHH programs are free.  Also provide Support Groups for caregivers strain, bereavement care, grief support, and can be any type of loss, such as job loss, financial loss, and loss of a pet.
PBHH has Hospice volunteer training and there are currently 6 people in the program.  Volunteers can help with cooking, reading, running errands, work outside of home, etc.  It can be anything.
For a fee they sponsor American Red Cross First Aid and Life Support training.
Patient care is paid through private insurance companies and public programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.  Can offer some pro bono help if no insurance.
Goal is to have a special Hospice House, but is very expensive.  The closest facility is in Concord NH.
Challenging to find workers, as they offer 24 hours care in patients homes.
Upcoming events:
Undecorate the Common on Main St, Plymouth.  Date was set for 9AM on Saturday 3/12/22.
Another event is the Rotary Rabies Clinic on March 26th at 1PM to 2PM.  Arrive 30 minutes early with chairs, table, (if you have them) and masks if you want to volunteer.  This is one our programs that everyone enjoys, it helps the community by offering $10 rabies shots for cats and dogs as well as raise funds for our Foundation.  Come join the fun!
The Plymouth Rotary Club will be helping again with the Circle Camp clean-up on the weekend of May 21st and 22nd.  Details on sign-up and information to come.
Last: We still have openings for the Board, and President Elect and Vice President for the upcoming fiscal year that starts July 1st.  See Denise and Braden if you are interested.  Once we have more positions filled we will have an election.