2.16.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
2.16.2022 Breakfast meeting
Raffle:  50/50 – Denise won and donated to Tom’s tip
Card Game Raffle - $100 is in the pot, and we are looking for the 6 of spades but the ace of hearts was drawn.  We roll over another week.
Guest for this week was : Danielle Paquette-Horne of Pemi Baker Hospice, and Moe’s guest Renee Brusseau of Serendipity Design of Holderness.
We had Tony Trivia again this week. 
Upcoming event is the Rotary Rabies Clinic on March 26th at 1PM to 2PM.  Arrive 30 minutes early with chairs, table, (if you have them) and masks if you want to volunteer.  This is one our programs  that everyone enjoys,  it helps the community by offering $10 rabies shots for cats and dogs as well as raise funds for our Foundation.  Come join the fun!
Today’s Host:  Bill Clark
Speaker: Beth Dever, the executive director of The Circle Program
The Circle Program is a mentorship and summer camp program.  The camp is 100% tuition free and kids from 16 towns in the Lakes Region to Concord attend every year. The girl’s range in ages 9 years old to 18 years old and are referred by their school guidance counselors.   The girls are generally socially and economically disadvantaged.
The camp started from Onaway Camp in 1993, and has grown to include a mentorship program on a 1 to 1 basis.
The girls are taught to be self-reliant, live to their full potential and taught the 6 C’s; Competence, Connection, Character, Caring and Contribution.
The summer camp is residence camp on Spectacle Pond in Groton NH.  They have residence cabins, a dining hall, and theater and meeting room.   Ages 9 to 11 attend for 3 weeks, while girls age 12 to 14 attend 2 weeks of camp and ages 15 to 18 attend 1 week.  They have about 53 girls in the program, camp and year-round programs that include their mentors.  Mentors work with the girls all year and help the girls gain confidence and express themselves.  The 1 to 1 ration girl to mentor is very important.
The Circle Program will be holding two big fundraisers this year.  Once in the Spring with details yet to be determined.  The fall fundraiser will be a Food Truck Festival. 
Contact the Beth and their administrations at 603-536-4244, if you wish to get involved, or help with their fundraisers.  Please visit their website at www.circleprogram.org for more information.
The Plymouth Rotary Club will be helping again with the Circle Camp clean-up on the weekend of May 21st and 22nd.  Details on sign-up and information to come.
Denise is working with Steve, and Lora to test the breakout rooms for the speech contest next week. It was determined that the judges must be at the meeting place in person, but the students can speak on Zoom.
Last: We still have openings for the Board, and President Elect and Vice President for the upcoming fiscal year that starts July 1st.  See Denise and Braden if you are interested.  Once we have more positions filled we will have an election.