1.19.22 Breakfast Meeting notes
1.19.2022 Breakfast meeting
Raffle:  50/50 - $2 Bill – donated to Tom’s tip
Card Game Raffle:  $56   Looking for the 6 of spades.  Steve drew 3 of diamonds
Tony Trivia – deferred to next week.  Did ask for members to gather any Rotary paraphernalia for the 100th anniversary of our Club is coming in 2027. 
Host:  Ken Williamson with Lora’s help  
Speaker Joanne Glode – The Nature Conservancy in NH (TNC)
Shared screen presentation, Overview, Land Protection Flagship preserves
Mission: Conserve the lands and water in which wildlife depends.  International, all over the world.  Today spoke on NH
Founded in 1951.  2000’s scope changed and went outside of just land protection and needed people to help.
In NH priorities, wildlife, land and water protection.  Estuary for oysters and community-based volunteers, and work with fisherman and finally work with folks on green energy policies.  Land protection is their core focus.
Many partners: USFWS, NHFG, White Mountain National Forest, SPNHF and other regional and local lands trusts.  Has Warwick preserve in Westmoreland NH, expanded to Wales Preserve in Sharon NH.  Newest preserves Surry Mountain, Gilsum, and Surry in 2020, 1300 acres.  Lime Pond, Colebrook in 2021  Has almost 300,000 acres across NH
31 Preserves, almost 300,000 acres 47 Conservation Easements and 47,000 acres additional.
Species protection – biodiverse hotspots in NH
Large forested blocks – wildlife connectivity
Connect people to nature
Focus on 4 Preserves: Green Hills, Ossipee Pine Barrens (2800 acres), Lubberland Creek Preserve
Ecology study, community engagement, access to the outdoors, species diversity, habitat management, etc including wildlife study
Ossipee Pines Barren – built to burn, so TNC has been managing burns, to protect the area
Lubberland Creek Preserve - Durham area marshlands, freshwater with diverse habitats and support many rare species of birds and plants. 2 miles of hiking trails, bird watching, shorebirds and waterfowl in the bay
Green Hills Preserve – 5,600 acres in North Conway, views of the Presidential Mountains, most popular and has over 12,000 hikers per year and 50 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing
Manchester Cedar Swamp – 640 acres and largest protected area in Manchester area.  Collection of unusual, forested swamps and rare plant species.  One of a kind Preserve.  2 miles of trails, 1 mile All Persons Trail coming this fall.  Has 450-year-old black gum tree, flower display in July, scenic overlook deck and planned tours.
Biggest challenges as an organization:  Climate issues, land management, stewardship, and protection.  They are trying to offer more to protect the habitat and trying to figure out best ways to do this.  Public policy is part of it but limited how its best to do this.
Seeking volunteers, and can view other information at their website: The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire or www.nature.org/en-us 
Denise confirmed our speech contest date is 2/23/22 and in need of a Chair and Moderator.  The duties would be to connect with the schools and students to get their applications in and host the contest on the date it happens.  Appealed to the members for someone to help with moderate and host this.  Asked if Bill will reach out to the Interact Club to let them know the date, she knows they have the poster.
Denise reminded everyone of the board meeting at 7AM on Friday, 1/21/22 on Zoom.
Superbowl squares, Braden is working with Tony.  3 weeks to event.  Every member is required to buy 3 squares at $20 each, so $60 total.  More squares are available to buy.  1 winner each quarter of $250 per quarter.  Any members can drop off checks at Sharon’s Allstate office downtown, mail in a check to Plymouth Rotary, PO Box 393 Plymouth NH 03264 or Venmo Ken at @kenneth-evans-128. 
Paul Brochu will be back soon and will update us on the status of a new Club, is it a standalone club or Satellite Club, including how the Club will meet, in person, virtual, evening, etc.  More to come.
Rabies Clinic – need help with Press Release, need the date and location.  Saturday March 26th 1-2PM at Plymouth Police Dept.  Tables and Chairs, 3 or 4 tables are needed, bring if you have some from home.  We need to socially distance etc.  Need masked volunteers’ and people in the garage, as well as outside to keep pet owners distanced.  Peggy suggested we do radio ads with the local Country station, WLNH and WPNH.  The rabies clinic accepts cash or checks $10 per pet.  Cats and Dogs only.  Marybeth will help get info out to the public and suggested interview with Lora on the importance of rabies vaccines.
Last: Our Club still has openings for the Board, and President Elect and Vice President.  The board meets once per month, and President Elect has a year and ½ to learn the job, and VP has 2 ½ years to learn the job and responsibilities.  Please contact Denise and Braden if you are interested.  Thank you!
Alex suggested Tom in the Café no longer set up a breakfast for our meetings.  Fewer and fewer people are attending in person.  Wasteful in time and members will order at the counter in the café.  Cost is still the same.  Please try to bring exact change, $8, each week.  Thank you!