Breakfast meeting notes from 12/22/21
December 22, 2021 Breakfast meeting notes
Denise was away and helping Alex make meals and serve food in Kentucky for the tornado relief.  Thanks for your service!
Braden covered running the meeting for Denise.  Being the meeting before Christmas along with bad weather we had as many on Zoom as at breakfast at The Common Man.  Thanks to everyone for attending!
Tony started off with his great NH trivia for us and Braden opened the meeting with just an open discussion.  The Rotary Speech Contest must be held before the end of January and normally we need 2 or 3 high school students to participate.  We will need a timekeeper and 3 judges for scoring the students speeches.  We have not heard from the school about which students will participate. 
Sharon reminded everyone that next week, December 29th our Scholarship students will be attending via Zoom to share their fall semester experiences with the Club.  There are a 3 return students and up to 6  new college students attending.  It is always a treat to hear from them. 
Braden talked about the Club elections that will be held in January.  Braden is President Elect this year and will take over after Denise’s term ends June 30th 2022.  We are looking to fill the President-Elect position, who will be come President in 2023 to 2024 term following Braden as well as Vice President for the 2024 to 2025 term.  Anyone interested contact Denise and Braden.  This allows a member voting rights during board meetings, you get a chance to know and understand the workings of the Club years before becoming President.  Ken and Steve will return as Treasurers, and Lora Miller will be running for Secretary.  Our board will need to fill positions, so anyone who can serve on the board, talk to Denise and Braden.  There are 5 members of the board and they meet with the President and other Officers on Zoom, one day per month.  Normally it is the third Friday of the month.  Typical meetings last 1 to 2 hours tops.  If you want to know more about how the Club runs and what is happening, serving on the board is a great way to start!  Also, Tony will stay on as Sergeant at Arms.  We are all grateful for your service.  Thank you.
Last Friday, December 17th, Club members Bill, Tony, Mike, Nancy and friend, Braden, Dick Hage and about a dozen students met at the Pemi Youth Center, walked over to the Common and sang Christmas Songs in the Gazebo.  It was a great time, and we heard they sang every song in the song book this year.  Thanks so much for participating and Merry Christmas!
Our Club also presented a Christmas Card to Tom, who works at The Common Man Inn and sets up our breakfast meetings every week.  It looked pretty full of money as a thank you for her service in helping our Club meetings.
Paul filled in the Club with plans to begin a Satellite eClub.  He has been working with Sara on how this will work.  The basics are they would meet online about two times per month and be a service club and help the local community and collaborate with other Clubs for wider projects.  This plan may bring in more people who just can’t meet every week at 7AM, and possibly save on some extra costs.  As a Satellite eClub they will fall under the Rotary Club of Plymouth NH charter and be part of our Club. Mike Carrier, our District Governor, applauded their efforts as starting something new like this, and may be the way to grow a Club and strengthen membership. 
We wish all of you safe travels, and safe at home during the Holidays.