Breakfast meeting notes 11.24.21
Breakfast meeting notes 11/24/21
Attending on Zoom:  Omer and Walter (Mike brought the Owl and it was a much better experience for the Zoomers)
It was a nice surprise to see Jennifer Bentwood who is a new member under the family program.  Welcome Jennifer!
Raffles:  50/50 won by Nancy Dyer and she added it to Tom’s tip  - thanks Nance!
Card game:  we have a new deck and looking for the 6 of spades this time.  Pot was only $13.  Steve’s ticket was pulled but he drew the 6 of diamonds from the deck.  We all get to play again next week.
Signup sheet was passed around for volunteers for two events.  First, Saturday November 27th at 9AM meet at the Common to help decorate the Common and Light poles in town.  Second, Saturday December 4th Steve is asking for helpers at 7AM down on Green Street to help set up the bonfire.  Then later in the afternoon, 3 to 4pm we are hoping for a great turnout of Rotarians to help walk in the parade.  Dress warms and in your best outdoor Holiday attire.  After the parade we need helpers with the ChillBuster.  Alex leads the way and we serve food and drinks to families that attended the parade. You might get a chance to whisper to Santa too!   We are also in need of tents and patio heaters if anyone has any to share. 
There is an entire schedule of events for the weekend and let your family and friends know!  
Today was a Club Forum and discussion was about nearly final results from Plymouth’s Got Talent and Hometown Holiday Celebration. 
Steve update us on PGT and we raised about $7,000 online.  There was about $3,000 for talent votes, $2,000 from raffle ticket sales, and the rest donations and sponsorship.  We also received an additional $14,000 in donations by checks, thanks to our members and sponsors.  If any of your sponsors have not donated, Steve reminded us, its still not too late.
The Hometown Holiday Celebration is a weekend of events and there is a parade.  Last Steve knew none of the school marching bands will be able to attend.  Another casualty of the pandemic is we will not be able to access the Senior Center like we have in the past.  Steve announced Alex and Steve procured from Shin-Boku nursery in Wentworth NH a 17’ Montgomery Blue Spruce, live tree and is being planted in the Common Wednesday, 11/24/21.  Great job guys! 
In other business Denise talked about a message from someone on our Facebook page offering us money and asked many questions and wanted a copy of our financials.  It seems too good to be true and guess what? It is…so be warned and be careful.
We also discussed putting in an ad in the ETC play program for their January 2022 production.  The cost of the ad is $500, and we are not sure on any costs for the design.  This would have to come out of the Club account as it is part of our operating expenses.  Denise asked the membership if they would support this using their own funds, Alex offered to double anything we raised, or meet the difference and within minutes $340 was on the table.  That is how Rotarians operate, great job everyone, and thanks Alex for stepping up, again.
Denise also mentioned the RLYA program, Rotary Leadership Youth Academy is having their program in person next year.  This is usually held in June.  We are looking for someone to take on this role as chair and coordinator for the Club.  The work entails obtaining the necessary applications from the District RYLA chair, contacting the Plymouth Area High School and the school picks the students who are going into their Sophomore year, and just need that little extra training to gain confidence as a leader.  We usually send one male and one female to RYLA each year.  It’s a great program. See Denise if you are interested and also checkout information about RYLA at the Disctrict website .
Remember to check out your speaker assignments that Sharon emailed last week.  If you need a speaker let Denise, Sharon or Tony know and we have some resources.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!